Silk Screen Printing - Silk Screened T-Shirt Printing 



Silk Screen Printing - Silk Screened T-Shirt Printing 

Need help understanding the screen printing process? If so, we can help!

Our Screen Printing Buyer's Guide will explain:

  • What factors affect pricing
  • Artwork details and how they affect pricing
  • The screen printing process simplified

Click here to download the Buyer's Guide now!


Quality processes

It's one thing to screen print a garment. Nearly anybody or any company can do that. 

We do things a bit differently at The Graphics Factory. After you place your order, we create a digital mock-up and attach it to your job. You get a chance to review your order to make sure everybody is on the same page. 

Don't like the font or the color used for your mock-up? No problem! Leave a message in the comments section of your job & we will get it changed and resubmit it to you before it goes on the press.

Ask the competition about their process to ensure you get exactly what you want ... chances are they don't have one. This is just one of the many reasons to choose The Graphics Factory for your textile printing needs.

Call us at 775.888.2000 to get your project started or just to discuss it in more detail. We'll show you how screen printing should be done!

Specialty inks

We also print using specialty inks including puff, fluorescent, glow-in-the-dark, metallics and more!

glitter flake

While not technically an ink, this decoration method is wildly popular and looks unlike any other form of printed garments.

Team uniforms

We regularly make team uniforms that include logos, numbers both front & back and more. We can also offer you warm-ups and practice gear to match.

Awesome place to get all your stuff branded!!! Out of this world customer service!!!!
— Jesika Yochum

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From 1 piece to 10,000 or more ... we handle every embroidery job with the same care and attention to detail 


From 1 piece to 10,000 or more ... we handle every embroidery job with the same care and attention to detail 

We offer a wide range of quality brand name garments in many styles to include (but not limited to):

  • Polo shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • T-Shirts
  • Aprons
  • Towels
  • Jackets
  • Twill shirts
  • Hats

For your convenience, we provide on-site digitizing, personalization and monogramming, as well as a variety of embroidery designs to choose from.

The Graphics Factory uses state-of-the-art embroidery software to create custom embroidered artwork or adapt your logo/design for application to the garment of your choice.

The Graphics Factory will outfit your corporate team, your sports team, or any team with quality identity apparel suitable for any occasion. Simply send us your business card or finished artwork (via conventional mail or e-mail), indicate the style of garment you are interested in, and we will provide you with a quote via e-mail, designed to meet your needs, within 24 hours.

The Graphics Factory takes pride in providing quality and service above all else, for our customers.

Amazing customer service, attention to detail and excellence!
— Melanie Simmons



Modern letterman jackets for today's high schooler.


Modern letterman jackets for today's high schooler.


Call around and ask about the lead time involved to purchase a new letterman jacket. The industry standard is somewhere in the neighborhood of 8-12 weeks. We stock jackets for our local school and can deliver in as little as 3 business days*. Our normal lead times for stock jackets run about 1-2 weeks.


When it comes to a letterman or varsity jacket, we realize that it is a significant investment. We want you to be thrilled with it when you take delivery of it. Therefore, we have a touch-screen Design Station that provides you with the ability to create a virtual jacket and allows you to see the design before it is manufactured. You can create a jacket designed just for you!

quality materials

All of our stock jackets are made from 24 ounce Melton wool and have 'Grade A' leather sleeves. This combination provide for a warm, durable, long-lasting jacket that will withstand the punishment of daily use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?
In-stock letterman / varsity jackets take 1-2 weeks and custom ordered jackets can take up to 6 weeks. These delivery times are predicated on the fact that you have approved the artwork for the jacket.

How much do the jackets cost?
Jackets start at $249. This cost includes 24 Melton wool body and leather sleeves. Patches start at $30 each. Embroidery of your first name on the right chest runs $10 and an embroidered last name on the back runs $30 also.

How much are the patches?
See the previous answer.

How much does the average jacket cost?
It certainly varies from student to student, but we have seen them delivered between $249 (+ sales tax; we sew on the varsity or academic letter at no cost) and $600. It all depends on your personal tastes and your accomplishments.

Why are the jackets so expensive?
These are top-of-the-line letterman jackets made from the finest materials. This stuff aint cheap. The are less expensive alternatives out there, but we think that they sell inferior products. Also, there is a ton of hand craftsmanship that goes into these jackets.

Does the school provide any of the patches?
The school will supply the varsity or academic letter. Other than that, they usually don't. However, some clubs do supply students with patches so it doesn't hurt to ask if they do.

Can I supply my own jacket and/or patches and have you sew everything together?
We currently do not offer tailoring services like you are describing. 

What are all of the patch and font options?
You can click here to view all of the patches and fonts we offer for South Tahoe High School jackets.

How do we properly care for the jacket once we take delivery of it?
Dry clean only when necessary. During warmer months when you are not wearing the jacket, simply place the jacket in the garment bag we provided to you when we delivered it and place it in the closet.

How is a 'normal' jacket configured with the patches & such?
There are no rules with regard to where the patches must go, but there are 'typical' locations for the patches and such. Click here to view a typical configuration.

Can I add patches to the jacket later on?
Of course! There is normally room for 4 patches per sleeve (XS may only allow 3 patches; oversized jackets may allow 5 or more) and we can add patches anytime!

Where do state patches go?
Normally, they get placed on the back, but can also be placed on the front or anywhere else there's room for them.

Do I have to pay for the jacket and patches up front?
You do not. We will process your letterman/varsity jacket order with just $249 down (+ sales tax).

Do you ever put these jackets on sale?
We do! sometimes it can save you $50 - $100. The best way to catch these sales is to become a fan of The Graphics Factory on Facebook.

Is there any way to get my jacket faster?
If it is custom order, the short answer is 'no'. The factory that manufactures these jackets build thousands a day and the do not expedite orders. If you are ordering a stock jacket, call us at (775) 888-2000 and we will do everything we can to help you (within reason).

Can you make me a patch that you do not currently have/make?
Of course we can! We perform all the embroidery in-house and can custom make just about any patch or motif. Call us (775) 888-2000 and tell us about your idea.

How big are the state patches and how many can I fit on my jacket?
They are 3.5" wide x 5" tall. Most times, we can fit 4-5 state patches in a single row on a jacket. The number of rows and ultimately the number of total state patches that will fit will depend on the size of the jacket itself.

Does it cost extra to sew on the patches?
No, it is included in the price of the patch.

What can I do if I have received both a varsity letter and an academic one?
We can stack them on your jacket. Click here to see an example.

Can we move the patches at a later time?
The body of the letterman / varsity jacket is made of wool and is 'self-healing'. This means that we can remove patches and letters and it does no harm to the jacket. The sleeves are made of leather and would leave significant evidence of a previous patch. We HIGHLY discourage you from moving patches on the sleeves.

Can I put sparkles/bedazzles/glitter somewhere on my jacket?
We can! We call them rhinestones and glitter flake. See an example of it here.

Do you carry letterman sweaters?
We do not.

Do people usually order both the icon and text patches for the same sport?
Yes, normally speaking. If is not required though.

Can I order patches for my jacket that I have yet to letter in?
Yes you can.

Can I have my nickname embroidered on my jacket?
As long as it is not derogatory, no problem.