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10 ways to market your small business on a budget!

I know what it’s like to start a business. I also know what it’s like to start a business with no existing cash flow or income. This is the definition of bootstrapping.

So what’s an entrepreneur to do when he or she believes in the idea they have but has very little cash to lean on during the start-up ‘phase’? Below are some things I recommend looking into if this fits your situation.

  1. Logaster – Logaster is an online branding tool that has helped 7 million clients build their own brand identities. With the help of Logaster’s AI technology, you can get full branding designs with your own logo, including business cards, letterheads, envelopes, social media, etc. Branding has never been easier!
  2. Invoicely – Generate professional looking invoices for free.
  3. Namium – Plug in some keywords and find the perfect name for your business
  4. Grammarly – If writing is not your strong suit, Grammarly will help you give off a strong, professional image.
  5. Buzzsumo – Perfect for bloggers and anybody writing on the web, Buzzsumo will help identify trending topics.
  6. Google Trends – Need to know what’s hot on the web right now? Check our Google Trends and let the ideas flow.
  7. QuickSprout – Poor performing websites rank lower on the search engines, specifically Google. Use QuickSprout to identify weak spots on your site(s) and take the time to correct them. It’ll be worth your while.
  8. Keyword Tool – This is a free alternative to the Google Keyword Planner
  9. Tiny JPG – This tool will help you reduce your website images so pages load faster and will ultimately help you rank higher (maybe).
  10. Trello – If you’re not organized your customers will pick-up on it and take notice. Use Trello to keep things in check.

Those are 10 useful (and mostly free) tools to help the new kid on the block. If you find them useful or just appreciate the blog post, feel free to email us here at The Graphics Factory. You can email us at



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