Letterman Jackets

At The Graphics Factory, we produce jackets not only for all of our local customers, but customers all over the country. Stop by and see why we're the largest supplier of letterman jackets in Northern Nevada.

Premium Quality Jacket

We start with a Rock Creek letterman jacket that is custom made just for The Graphics Factory. Genuine leather sleeves and 24 ounce Melton wool body make each jacket one-of-a-kind.

All Embroidery Done In-House

Unlike other shops that purchase everything and just assemble it, The Graphics Factory produces everything in-house with the exception of the jacket itself. All patches are made to order and embroidery is done in our production department.

In-Stock Jackets

We do offer a selection of in-stock jackets that can be completed in as little as 2 weeks. Special configurations require 4-6 weeks to complete.

Affordable Quality

Jackets start at just $259 and can be split into 2 payments to make it affordable on just about any budget.

Fully Customized

Every jacket is truly a one-of-a-kind. From custom fonts, to special patches, to rhinestone accents, we can customize your jacket in more ways than you can imagine.

Standard Letterman Jacket

Layaway Plan Available
  • Standard collar
  • 24 ounce Melton wool body
  • Genuine leather sleeves
  • In-stock jackets available

Zippered Hood Letterman Jacket

Layaway Plan Available
  • Zippered hood (fleece lining)
  • 24 ounce Melton wool body
  • Genuine leather sleeves
  • In-stock jackets available

Letterman / Varsity Jacket FAQ’s

How much do your letterman jackets cost?

Letterman / varsity jackets with a standard collar start at $259. Jackets with a zippered hood start at $279. Patches and additional embroidery not included.

Your patches don't look like those on my mom/dad's old varsity jacket. How come?

Back when letterman/varsity jackets became popular, varsity letters & other embellishments were created by hand. As technology evolved, automated equipment took over and gave us chenille patches. These chenille patches were created using automated equipment but the patches lacked in any detail. Today, all of our patches are embroidered and provide a lot more detail than what your mom or dad would have had on their jackets.

How quickly can I get my letterman/varsity jacket?

If it’s a style that we stock, lead times will normally be 1-2 weeks after the artwork approval. If we have to custom order your jacket, it will take about 5-6 weeks.

Christmas time is the peak season for letterman jackets, so please order early.

Why do they cost sooooo much?

These are the finest letterman/varsity jackets on the market. The body of the jacket is made from 24 ounce Melton wool and all of our jackets have genuine leather sleeves. This will be an item that gets passed down from generation to generation.

What makes a Graphics Factory Letterman Jacket special?

Each jacket is made to order. It’s like ordering a burger at Burger King … you can have it your way. Seriously though, we will custom configure your jacket to your specifications. From custom embroidery to custom patches to special patch placement, you get to call all the shots. If we can make it happen, we will.

How much do sports patches & grad year patches cost?

Nearly all of the standard patches cost $30 each and this covers the cost to affix it to the jacket. Sales tax is not included in this price.

Can I get rhinestones on my letterman/varsity jacket to bling it out?

Absolutely! Ask about us about rhinestone options when you place your order. Normally, we’ll add rhinestones to the last name of the back of the jacket.

How much does the average jacket sell for?

Each letterman jacket is custom made to order, but the average jacket sells for about $425 + sales tax, if applicable.

I don't live in Northern Nevada. Can I still get a Graphics Factory letterman jacket?

Of course! We now have customers all over the country. Call us and tell us you need help with the process and we’ll walk you through it.

What about custom patches?

At The Graphics Factory, we make all of our own patches. Our competitors normally buy theirs from a wholesaler. That being said, we can custom make about any patch you can think of. Call us and ask! (775) 888-2000

I have crazy long arms. Can you make me a jacket that fits?

We can get your jacket manufactured with sleeves and/or the body longer by 2″ or 4″. We can also shorten the sleeves and/or body by the same increments.

I don't live in Northern Nevada. Can I still get a Graphics Factory letterman jacket?

Of course! We ship anywhere in the country … anywhere in the world for that matter. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (775) 888-2000 or book an online consultation to get started.

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